Animation and Graphics

Course Details : Animation and Graphics

The Certificate Course in Graphics and Animation emphasizes on drawing for animation, which includes character design, environment design, gestures, poses, and walk and run cycles. The course includes modules that make students proficient in digital modeling, texturing, lighting and animation techniques. At the end of this course, the students are required to prepare a portfolio that demonstrates his/her skills in modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging and animation.

The Certificate Course in Graphics and Animation can be taken up for 11 or 5 months depending on the students' requirements. On successfully completing this course, the students can position themselves in Ad Agencies, Animation Studios, Game Studios and Educational Institutions as 3D Modeler, 3D Animator, Rigger, Lighting Artist, Background Artist and Simulation Artist.

  1. Visual Design
  2. Photoshop (Graphic Design): (The Modules of photoshop are given below)
    • Introduction of Photoshop
    • Tools introduction
    • Layers, Channels, Path.
    • Brush Tool
    • Selection Tool
    • Blur, Dodge, Sponge tool.
    • Filter
    • Colors, Swatches, Styles.
    • Blending Modes
    • Color correction(RGB)
    • Text Skill
    • Image Editing
    • Image Development
    • Matte Painting
    • Digital Painting
    • Lighting and Stagging
  3. Maya (Animation)